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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Green Human, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. Hey! I'm GH! or you can call me Addy lol. I used to make bots for powerbot when it was known as rsbot. I made the first ever gem stealer for that agility arena thingy back in 07 scape and my name on there was Adrax. Anyways.... I was wanting to start making bots again and I have learned the basics! I want to work on a bot that nobody has on here so I can place it under the supporters category because of the lack of supporter scripts bots. So, if you have a request then post it here! BTW, RS3 bots only please! :)
  2. Frost Dragon Killer.
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  3. Frost Dragon Killer or Ascension Creatures that banks.
  4. Arraxi soloer
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  5. Wildy looter.

    Try implementing that into your autofighter pretty pls
  6. I will work on this once I hot 80 dying on my account. I'm sorry it can't be any sooner! :( but I won't ask for others accounts to test because I want to keep everyone's trust on here! But, don't worry! It won't be to long before I can start making it! :)

    Refer to the above and ascension would be to high of a slayer requirement for me atm. I'm going to be working on slayer with the slayer bot on her and should have the requirements in no time!

    Seems like something I wanna keep in mind because I'm thinking about doing a QBD solo bot too!

  7. A QBD solo bot sounds nice too.
  8. Lmao good luck with that. I don't want to chat shit about runemate, but this won't be possible with Clouse. Clouse (Cloud-Mouse) is RuneMate's mouse virtualizer, the movements are all read from human behaviour (when you play legit with runemate). Therefore clouse is not always very effective at finding mouse paths and sometimes bugs around a bit. At QBD it is essential that you react in-time, and delayed interactions because of fancy mouse paths are not really helpful.

  9. Yeah I agree with that reaction time, it would be too fishy for it to react within .01ms to everything and not good enough if it took its usually few seconds when going sluggishly.
  10. You should make a qbd premium bot m9

    Qbd is 90% afk doe... just go full tonk with nox or drygores.
  11. Make a Jadincos Hunter.

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