Question Request - GE Api.

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Qosmiof2, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. I've considered it but as it stands anyone can make one with interfaces.
  2. mek ur own u lazy fuk
  3. There are so few uses for a GE api that it would be more clever to just write an own one
  4. fuck

  5. You can't make one? You have the tag "Bot Author", so i would assume you'd be more the capable of it if needed so bad. Its really easy if the GrandExchangeOffers are hooked in the client (idk if they are). You can get alot of data from that array. Also you can use settings to get the current price/ quantity/item id in ur current offer.

    So with those two things, and a few widgets, it should be really easy to make
  6. Calm down bro
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  7. Dude, its easy to make ge api. But its time consuming and nerve breaking. Which i don't really want atm. I asked, got response, and will make my api. Why that kind of response?

    "Thug life" huh
  8. It's not about not being able to make it, but about helping other developers with an API so that they won't have to consume time to create something that is so trivial.
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  9. We would be happy to revise and include a good implementation made by one of our developers. After all we're a contribution based community. :)
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  10. I would, but I'm pretty sure I won't be able to match quality standards.

    Sooooo... @Qosmiof2 :D
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  11. I thought this was a nice community? Aside arbiter you all look like jerks. He only asked a question.. and you all jump down his throat.
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  12. Yea ill give it a shot after finals xD
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