RS3 Rift Bot request

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Colin, Apr 7, 2016.


Good idea?

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  1. ye

  2. nah

  1. Just think it would be nice for a bot to be created for the current rifts in rs3, just at the large ones. if it's to much no worries, figured it would be an easy script bot to make. thanks
  2. Whut are deez rifts u speek of?
  3. The TH ones where people are getting like 100m xp in one day by spending dollas
  4. Wiki link? I'm interested now lol
  5. Literally just started a day or so ago, I dont think the wiki has anything on it, but if you go to the runescape reddit people are raging because its P2W. Some people have spent like $5000 on keys just to get 200m XP lol.
  6. video or any other link where we can check that?
  7. I'm glad you guys have taken such interest. If i had the knowledge on how to make a working script bot for this, i'd have already done so. Thank's for looking into this though. Respect,

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