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  1. ok Ok,

    As you can see in my signature, i will be posting script bot ideas there.
    why? well, i am an active user and poster on this website/forum, and the more bot authors see my signature, the more chance i have of them making these idea's :)

    I was thinking.
    What if we made a system like Jagex's their RuneLabs?
    Make a page, where we can all submit ideas and/or vote ideas up?!
    A place where the bot authors can see where the needs of the community are, and they can develop those needs.
    Ofcourse, its not my intention that when an idea gets upped 50 times, that 10 bot authors all start creating scripts bots for that.
    I think that that would be a waist of time, and talent, because there will be plenty of idea's to chose from.
    It would be a thing where a bot author can select a task, the community will see who is developing it, and the idea will be taken out of the list/page.
    I would also implement and idea that members can "up" their ideas or others their ideas multiple times by donating some of the money from their RuneMate Wallet, and when a bot author makes the script bot, he will receive 50% of the donated money (50% for RM) < [DUH!]
    It is a REQ that the script bot needs to be 100% flawless and needs to remain updated, and updated PRIOR to his/her other scripts bots, to receive this money.

    thats my idea,

    Thanks for reading,
    And sorry for my poor English! :)

    @Arbiter @Cloud

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  2. Honestly not a bad idea. The donating option is a bit sketchy (think of scenarios as donating, and then the project doesn't get finished, what happens then? etc.).
  3. Well that can easily be managed by allowing the bot author to gain said donations with successfully ran hours?
  4. Those hours can be made by bot author, or anyone willing to give the bot author profit. :/
  5. I'm sure Arbiter can crack that one.
  6. yeh :p its just an idea :) we can all work it out together ;)
  7. It's a nice idea but i'm not sure it's practical just yet, things can go unstable in a heartbeat as much as i think runemate is amazing and i enjoy donating to the website for develpment of the site and upkeep of the client making the site look like a cash dump could turn people away at a time runemate should be attracting and keeping as many people as possible.

    TL;DR - Let's not get greedy yet.
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  8. How do you mean unstable?
    Ofcourse we need to consider that Jagex can update anytime, and that a script bot can go down or broke for a while.
    I am just speaking about when the script bot gets released that it needs to be "flawless" AKA just need to do what it should do :)
  9. I like your idea, mate.
  10. It sounds good to me, but there are a few issues that could arise. In the case of two devs writing a bot to suit the criteria, and both are flawless, who gets the money?

    Also, I can see people who are set up for mass production of bots having a massive advantage, although I'm not complaining about that one xD
  11. It's a nice idea and thoughtful for the guys who put the time and effort into RM however.

    A) Bot authors can already offer scripts bots at a premium + monthly maintenance for 100% profit.
    B) Bot authors can also set an hourly premium for usage on their bots.

    A cash grab is never good and personally from what i see alot of people won't even donate 1 dollar to support the site never mind paying for bots just IMO "community paid" bots will just get leeched anyway, i think at this moment in time everyone should donate something to the runemate dev team for the site + client as it has so much potential to be great.
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  12. I know that the goals of Alpha Bots is to have a bot in every skill :p but lets say,
    The community needs a Firemaker right now, and lets say @Defeat3d accepted the task, and he creates a basic firemaker.
    There will be no rule for you to not make an AIO firemaker, with ALOT more features after that :)
    Imo, its also a good suggestion because Bot Authors can prioritize either the community, or the scripts bots they would like to produce :)

    And for the money part, I think @EvilCabbage his idea is a good add-on, make the payment 0-100% for the amount of hours ran in total by the community.
    Lets say there are 15 people running it for 2h's ea :) the bot author will then receive 30% of his 50% cut :)

    I am still thinking through this idea,
    Since there are many supporters, I was this idea to be worked out a 100%! :D

  13. It's a silly idea, it makes paid bots priority and free ones stop being made and or updated, why not add a donation button to bot authors? if the people like the project they can donate and if people don't then the author could abolish the project thus no one loses out it's a win/win, everyone gets a say but not everything becomes a premium. As far as i have seen no one is a full time bot author or even part time.

    Many of the talented bot authors are students and are constantly busy with exams and personal life do you really want to be forced to pay for a service were no one is giving 100% of their time, i'm not saying this can't work but it has to be implemented carefully and over time as it can make or break this.
  14. I think you are kinda missing the point friend :)
    Its a bot authors own chose if they want to click on a task or not :)
    if they have exams, then they need to know those are their priority :)
    And its not that when they accept a task that it needs to be finished in the next hour :)
  15. Priorities: Scripting > exams
  16. I understand what you're getting at mate i really do but it's not just as simple as that lol.
  17. Exams? > Ain't nobody got time fo dat!


    I know thats why i am still breaking my head over this :p

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