Road to 99/ 120/ 200m xp?

Discussion in 'Goals' started by Dat Bamf, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. Heya guys how its going on ? :p I was 1-2 weeks ago one of the popluars ironman´s ingame (Rs3) my name was Druomi and i just got Banned for gaining too fast xp with my mouserecorder I was rank 1 in thieving over months and i was at 106m xp and the #2 place was likly 24m xp. I find something out that jagex dont watch the german server if you bot/mouserecord on the servers. Now i wanted to come back with a new one current Progress!: Now i wanted to ask should i go for 99/ 120/ 200m xp?
    Currently im f2p and the acc is only 3 days old with likly 12-18 playtime (doesnt have much time over weekends). I will post here my progress also :p

    Post your comments below :p
    What you think about it :)

    ~Stay Bamf
  2. I call bullshit.
  3. Go for 200m
  4. My Main language is not english btw.
  5. If you're going for bragging rights you can do prestiging. You'd probably be the first botter to ever do that. XD
  6. Haha ofc :p
  7. best of luck !

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