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  1. Hello and welcome to hopefully what will be an interesting, and informative series for everyone!

    My goal with this series is not to just obtain max cash in rs3 but discover new and different money making methods as well as share them as I go along. Your feedback, Advice, and time reading this are appreciated and I hope this series turns out well! Please suggest some money making methods in the comments or private message me so I can share them, remember this series isn't just so I can make money but to also share money making methods with the community.

    A little about me; My name is Nick and I'm currently 16 years of age Living in the United States. I have been playing Runescape since I was 8 in the second grade so I've had some decent experience. I do not consider my self a great player because I quit for a while and only recently started again but I do think I have some basic knowledge. I only play for 2-4 hours a day on average due to school and my personal life so this series may take a while. (note I pretty much only play on legacy mode)

    With all this being said your probably sitting there like get on with it so I will! In this series I'm going to be using 2 accounts. My main account I will not be botting and playing legit on it, however I have a second account I will be using to probably bot over night for an extra mil or two for supplies and such every day. I will try to update this post as often as I can, probably around once a week unless something significant towards my goal happens.

    My main account which I will not be botting is here: (even though its not botted can never be too safe) total starting wealth is about 30m and the skills crossed out aren't worth showing so they're hidden.

    My Second account which I will use to bot: (This account has no significant wealth)

    I will post updates here along with a list of supporters if anyone would wish to make a donation but by no means should you feel forced to(if you do wish to donate contact me through a private message)

    No updates as of now

    No Supporters as of now

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  2. Good luck mate, please do keep us updated :)

    P.s. if you hit any limit just let me know and I'll bug Arbiter to up the limit
  3. I wish you the best of luck! I like the idea of sharing methods ;)
  4. Good luck, best way to make money would mostlikely be to play osrs and then swap over to rs3, rates are usually 1:8-9
  5. Good luck! Try lvling up slayer and kill legion bosses for money. Also, you should use EoC (Revolution) for combat because it's 1000x better dps.
  6. Well actually, full manual is even more dps than revolution :p
    @OP, good luck! :)
  7. Ain't nobody got time for full manual.

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