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Discussion in 'Goals' started by Chu Sum Wang, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. Last time i tried this out, the project was a bust within a week. I recovered an old account i had from a long time ago, and it only has a few levels on it, so i think i'm gonna try it again. any tips? also, i'll post screenshots of progress every day or so if this is successful :)
  2. Customize your account when you play, or do things that are unconventional, for example having your minimap on the bottom instead of top will change things like perceived reaction time to do stuff, change mouse patterns, etc.
  3. Max high ban rate skills first. That's just so that you won't have to stress with them after getting maxed in everything else.
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  4. When posting.
    Be careful.
    Hide your name, hide some skills.

    When you are posting updates dont tell the exact level. Tell us between x and y with max difference of 5
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  5. Thanks everyone for the tips :) I'll try these out. also, what skills have a high ban rate? i didnt buy any membership for it yet, so im limited to f2p skills for now
  6. High bans are the: farming (gold) stuff, if osrs: fishing, wcing.

    **** If you follow the simple logic of a legit player and use the right (good) scripts bots you have very very very low chance to get banned.

    With logic i mean: skills, time, social skills etc.

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