RS3 Road To Maxed RuneMate Skiller

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  1. Road To Maxed RuneMate Skiller

    So the account was created to test scripts bots and provide feedback, in this time i decided to go for a maxed skiller using runemate only.

    Any help and tips and greatly appreciated.

    Current Goals:
    99 Runecrafting
    Members by bond

    Longterm Goals:
    Maxed Skiller No Combat skills

    Skills Botting Right now:

    A little plan to get members:
    Method Unknown




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  2. Goodluck... How long do you bot daily. And whatever that is, cut it in half, because that's what will allow you to get maxed without being banned. Don't bot during the typical time jagex does updates. Most updates come with a ban wave.
  3. I mostly bot a night around 7 hours on my main, and play legit in the day.
    with the skiller it will be botted while im playing legit on my main, and night time :p

    Thnaks for the help.
  4. Good luck with your goal! Do you use any special setting for Celestial Runespan?
  5. I wish you luck man, I'll be hammering out some crazy exp with that celestial runespan soon.
  6. I wish you the very best.. And I'm looking forward to see your progress.
  7. Bot like your life depends on it!:)
  8. haha @Insomniac Thanks @EvilCabbage Thanks @Jackovitz Thanks @Factionless Thanks @ozdev
    Thanks @DaAlmyte no specific setting for runespan untill i get membership progress will be slow on rc.

    I need to find a working runecrafter for running air's.

    Thanks for all the support ill update current stats now :p.
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    gay account a three day break now botting fishing until 60 :p suggest stable scripts bots for my next skills

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