OSRS Rockcrabs script BANKING/REFRESH!

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by cauly, Oct 21, 2015.

  1. hello to anyone reading this post. After trying to use neally all the combat scripts bots on numerous occasions for my 1 defence pure none of them work efficiently.

    Im currently pleading for a rockcrab or experiment script bot to be added with banking and refreshing, food/pots/teleports supported.

    reply with +1 if you support this thread! thankyou :)
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  2. @SlashnHax , might consider adding to next Alpha Fighter update? It's a bit tricky since the crabs hide away as rocks but it'd be a beneficial bot for runemate.

    edit: banking will be a bitch
  3. @CantSeeMeHomie, thankyou for your reply mate. its just difficult being 1 defence and not being able to bank for food lol I tried alkarid warriors and I lasted 2 hours and it logged me :( theres like no training spots for pures with the list of scripts bots.
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  4. ik m8 im 2 def pure. I don't bot combat tho because of no script bot that handles rock crabs.

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