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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Dropperz, Mar 25, 2016.

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  1. Need an script bot that autotypes and shuts off in the presence of a pmod. would prefer people with a large data list of pmods to reply as well even if you dont plan on creating the script bot for me. Willing to pay good money for this. Obviously theres no way to detect all pmods (at least to my knowledge), so i need someone who can just create this autotyper that stops talking once certain people are around and resumes after
  2. Im not sure this would do you much... a Pmod dosnt even need to be there to mute you... a few spamm reports and you will be muted regardless.
  3. The easy option would be to shut down when someone with "mod" in their name is near :) and include a world hoper xD
  4. I don't think PMods have Mod in their name, JMods usually do though.
    Detecting a playermod is pretty easy once they speak, not sure if there's a way to detect them before that though, other than having a list of their names.
  5. JMods can also make themselves invisible - so there's not much point in trying to detect them. If they don't want to be detected, they won't be.
  6. What I mean by this is that we enter a list of players that the bot stops adverting around basically.
  7. So you will type in few 10s of names in there?
  8. We should make an official thread with all them pmod names.
  9. True. Support +5
  10. Starting with "Zezima" ;)
  11. Spamming bots are strictly banned on RuneMate. Selling/buying a bot of this nature will result in an immediate permanent ban and termination of all services offered by RuneMate. We're here to enjoy RuneScape, not ruin it.
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