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  1. [​IMG] [​IMG] Pure Bot, matches my name on Runemate, Pure dummy account, lets see how far I make it

    All F2P Skills will be at least 50. I am hoping, Then we will go for 75, in all skills
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  2. Best of Luck
  3. Thanks so much
  4. Very nice man! I started a nice little f2p noob and I got 60 wc now cutting yews for bond money :p
  5. Im just testing to see how far I can go
  6. Inb4 maxed :eek:
  7. whats that mean sir?
  8. you end up maxed through botting
  9. "Maxed" as in all levels at 99.

    edit: gg left page open for 20 minutes, didn't see your reply. @Insomniac
  10. [​IMG]


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  11. Lol @ email address.

    Jagex pls ^_^
  12. did that because it matches my runemate name haha
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    Going to 50 fishing today, Someone please help me with a melee bot for f2p and free on rm
  13. Remove ur name from em screenshots m9. They'll instaban u the second they see it.

    And alpha fighter..
  14. Never knew why people bot on high res.

    Goodluck anyway.
  15. always have
  16. But why?
  17. because its much easier on my dual setup,
  18. It takes less processing power on fixed and minimum graphics, not to mention how convenient and clean it is. Also, I'd recommend you bot on Legacy mode for a smoother experience.
  19. Bot the way you play the game.
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  20. [​IMG]

    Took a small break to try out osrs botting again with Spectre
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