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  1. Hello , when you try log in to rs3 it just insta ban you, Don't login with rs3 accounts , it will get insta ban. Be careful
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    P.s done on different ip's and different computers. insta ban for all accounts
  2. Wow.. Just wow.
  3. Oh another junk account claiming the client to be detected lmao
  4. Thank you guys for great community. That's how you greet new people to your community? Awesome .
  5. Am I the only who's botting in Rs3
    I haven't got banned in any of the accounts
  6. So is it detected or...
  7. I made a new account and did some quests on it legit on RS3 client. When I logged into the bot client it banned me right away. Now idk if it's detectable or not, not going to say anything.. But I've botted RS3 a lot with Runemate and this is the first time that happened. I'm not complaining, it's a free bot and probably the best out there.. just wait for Spectre
  8. To be fair I had this very same thing happen to me a few days back. I didn't even get to log into the game before the account was banned. It was my very first ban in the 10 years I've play RS lol. On the other hand tho I've never had a botted about banned, I simply made this character threw the RuneMate client and when I clicked "Done" at the character creation screen it was banned. Tried to log in and i got a "Your account has been involved in some very serious rule breaking" or something like that. Granted all my bots are still working fine tho lol.
  9. Don't make accounts using the runemate, use the official client to make the accounts and fuck around for a bit leveling up random skills, maybe do a quest or 2, even level up combat level one or 2 so you're not a level 3 running around, I've never been banned botting following this and i practically suicide bot, i also play legit on my botting accounts once in a while.
  10. He's not wrong. I've said this before but I cbf to say how again.
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    This is the only way you won't be instabanned on login on new accounts, or old accounts that didn't have skills leveled.
  11. I'm a level 3 running around with 4 skillcapes
    Haven't been banned so what's your point
  12. Not saying it's the only way just saying that's what I do and have found it to be rather effective so far.
  13. Bro I've been boting 24/7 Non stop no bans
    And I created the accounts whilst on runemate
  14. That's awesome, as I said in my last post I was just saying what has worked for me.
  15. I had the same problem getting insta banned. The way that i overpassed KT is that i did some levels, like 20 cmbat, 30 wc etc and then if i login with runemate i dont get insta banned. Hope that will help u, just play on it like 1h or more legit
  16. lol what.. how
  17. I honestly don't know but I have been gold farming with three accounts for the past month and made over 3 bil on Rs3 I've been suicide botting
  18. Dafaq. What do you bot to make that money? ;)
  19. Well he stated that he's suicide botting, so if you do the math it's not too hard to guess what it might be. It works out to be 1.388M/hr and last i checked RS3 is fairly easy to get that kind of profit now.
  20. I ve been botting fishing because it's fast
    I'm fishing rocktails and by the end of each day I get 20k of them so that's like 60m each day per account

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