RS3 Crashed/Error loading scripts

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Holako, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. so it's my first day here and i decided to try runemate , , i downloaded the client and then activated CS Divination and opened client several times when i try to start the script bot and choose wisp it laggs hard and then clent says RS3 CRASHED ,, an ideas how i would fix this?
  2. The lag is most likely caused by the script bot. Regarding the game crashing, well the error is rather self explanatory. The way people typically resolve the crash is by updating to a newer version of java.
  3. i have the newest java version 8 update 25
  4. Try allocating more ram to java.
  5. Having the same problem as you Holako, everytime I start the script bot, it gets really laggy and just crashes.
    Updated all Java programs needed for RuneMate, tried allocating more ram but nothing works. :(
  6. Same thing happened for me.
    I downloaded JRE8 and allocated 1gig to Java, how much did you allocate. I'm lagging whenever I try legit, no lag when I use a script bot.
  7. Just as in this guide? I did too, tried -Xmx1024m & -Xmx1536m but still got the same problem.
  8. hhmmm that's interesting

    I'm using an Ultrabook i3, nothing special...don't know why you should be getting lag. Try using CCcleaner, could be other issues in your comp.
  9. Hmm okay lemme try, will post result :).
    Thanks for ur help man!
  10. Give a list of all the scripts bots that you've tried. Also try running Cloud's woodcutter, that will help me gauge whether it's an environment problem (your end) or a script bot issue (the developers end).

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