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  1. Yo guys,
    Can anyone tell me what items i should be using to bot multiple hours combat at the time.
    My Attack-Strength-Defence are 60+
    I only survived at some place,s for 37Mins only =/
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  2. The best items #wethebest
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  3. buy a blood amulet kit and fury, and a regen bracelet, and full dragon and an obby maul (they are weak to crush). go to chaos tunnels, kill deadly red spiders. you will be able to bot forever like that for crazy xp/h, once you get 75 attack get a sara sword and you will get 250k xp/h which is better then hellhounds. bring some food incase, but you dont need it.
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  4. Going to try this out today! thank you for sharing.
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