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  1. Is there any way to run the bot in the background? as of right now, when ever it does something, it makes it in the foregound, stopping me from being able to actually do other things, like play other games, or just browse Reddit.

    Edit: It seems to only happen while it isn't behind a window, and full screened on my 2nd monitor, while I could put a video or something over it and let it do it's thing, i'd prefer to be able to watch over it.
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  2. You can actually do this with a third party tool, although it can also be implemented in the client itself. @Arbiter will probably not want to implement this in Spectre for detectability reasons, and rightfully so: how would someone play if the game is a background task?

    TrayIt! will be able to help you do this yourself, although I would not personally do it: TrayIt! Download
  3. Just minimize the client.

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