Bug Rune mate does not start

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  1. IM having an issue with my Mac computer because i had rune mate get updated and I'm really confused because when i want to open the OSRS Client it says " We are unable to open your web browser for you" " please navigate to jagex-jav://oldschool1.runescape.com/jav_config.ws." and it won't even let me click on the link please help!
  2. You need to install the official Runescape client.

    Go to the Runescape website and download the official client and install it.
  3. I have the official Runescape client and i have the same problem.
    can you help me
  4. *Bump*
    Same problem except with rs3 client. halp plz
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  5. Make sure you have the legacy RuneScape client
  6. yes i have that client. plz tell me what i don't know :s
  7. Try manually starting that client.
  8. Calm down. There are two official clients, one is the legacy client and one is the NXT client. If you have the NXT client it won't work. Make sure you have the legacy one. Download RuneScape
    Scroll down to other ways to play and choose the legacy client relevant to you.

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