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  1. Need one for osrs :(
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  2. yes pls
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  3. +1

    Whether it is AIO or selected spots only, something is better than nothing ;)
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  4. Yep, having no runecrafting bot at all is pretty annoying considering how important of a skill it is in osrs
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  5. Definitely a task for when the new web is complete.
  6. Would love to see an OSRS runecrafting bot
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  7. Started a little while ago. Will probably only support f2p runes + lavas, nats and astrals intially. Emphasis on the fires, nats and astrals, but will probably add the other common f2p runes in early on. Really going to take my time on this though.


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  8. Hell ya! I'm very excited, look very nice.
    - as long as it does nats plus it'll be the first of its kind.
    - cant wait mate!!
  9. It would be nice to have an OSRS Abyss Runecrafting bot :p
  10. Good idea
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  11. anyone idea when this bot might be available? days, weeks, months?
  12. years
  13. No ETA right now, but not terribly soon. More towards weeks. Maybe someone will make a quick fire rune crafter if you just need xp. I don't plan on releasing it until it works smoothly for each rune, and that's gonna take some time.

    Just finished a glassblowing bot for crafting though so freed up some time there ;)
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  14. It will be an Abyss Runecrafting bot? If yes, I'm hyped
  15. Not all of the runes are planned to be crafted through the Abyss. Natures are. Fires are RoD and duel arena; Astrals of course are on lunar isle. Besides that I'm still deciding on what runes to implement before initial release, and want to focus on getting them mapped to be crafted in the most commonly used way, as opposed to just an AIO abyss rc bot.
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  16. We getting close to a first release?
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  17. Little update: Fires and Lavas are done and running well. (y)
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  18. How is the bot going?
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  19. its gotta be soon :D
  20. Yes but you've gotta keep in mind that the OSRS bot was down for a few days, and I also had to quest/train to get to certain runes. I'm also at uni taking classes right now (exams next week) so lately I haven't been able to be as productive as I've wanted. But hopefully sooner rather than later. I think a few others are working on RC bots as well (y) so there'll be multiple options.
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