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  1. Ladies and gentlemen,

    RuneMate 1.0.0 has been released! You can get it now on the download page. As a pilot release, its main purpose is to allow developers to create bots with the help of the JDocs. That means that at the time of this post there are no bots in our Bot Store, but watch this spot because we expect it to fill up with our intelligent developer base's work. We truly appreciate the patience you've had with us and we're so excited to get this ball rolling for everyone. Expect a quick barrage of patches as we iron out the typical release bugs.

    We would appreciate any and all contributions you have to make, from bug reports to design suggestions. And remember that we're here to answer all of your questions. Let's make this the best experience for all of us!

    Known Bugs:
    • Keyboard and mouse buttons are not functional.
    • Graphical bugs and exception for Java 8.
    • Session does not expire when client is closed from the taskbar, resulting in a five minute wait until a new client can be opened.
    • LoginDialog and SetupDialog (Account+Bot Manager) do not have a taskbar icon.

    Have fun botting,
    RuneMate Staff
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  2. Congratulations on release :)
  3. closed the first one, and have just been getting this for the past 10min.
  4. Have you check that it's not still open in your Task Manger?
  5. yup

    edit: restarted client again and it works now.
  6. I'll talk to Cloud to see if there's anything that can be done.
  7. Also, about how long does it take to load the game?
    I've got "Loading runtime parameters..." for awhile, which is why I closed the first one.
  8. On my laptop it took about 30 seconds.
  9. It's been running for 4min now, no change.
  10. What Java version are you using. We noticed there are some bugs with Java 8.
  11. v7.45
  12. Mind if I teamview you?
  13. Added a known bug that relates to your problem.
    • Session does not expire when client is closed from the taskbar, resulting in a five minute wait until a new client can be opened.
    Looking into your "Loading runtime parameters..." hanging right now.
  14. Sweet, works good :3
  15. I think there is an onDispose method in the JFrame class, or something similar, so just make it send a logout signal to DB on close. Obviously that signal won't get sent if the process is just straight up stopped or crashes, but it will improve the time when the user closes the window normally.

    Edit: I restarted the client again and it is loading now.
    Also a suggestion, let it remember my login creds please :)
  16. We aren't using AWT, but the same concept applies to JavaFX. We are aware of the issue and the easy fix. We just completely forgot this release and don't want to send out a new version with just that small patch. It'll be bundled together in 1.0.1. For now I would recommend closing using the X button, which calls the shutdown thread properly.

    Thanks for bringing that to our attention. :)
  17. Also please note that the login screen does not have a tile set, and shows up as a blank item on the taskbar.

    I'm not familiar with JavaFX, but for the script bot selector, look into something similar to a JOptionPane which does not actually have a start menu icon and is just tied to it's parent window for minimization.
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  18. Known bug added for no icon for LoginDialog and SetupDialog (script bot+Bot Manager). Thanks a bunch.

    As far as saving login credentials goes, it was left out intentionally in the first release for security reasons; auto-login would mean that anyone who has access to your computer can start a bot up and login to your account. We will reconsider this decision when we analyze the security implications further.
  19. Maybe a "remember me" check box so the user can choose.

    I'm glad you guys are open to suggestions :)
  20. Expect 1.0.1 release in the next day with critical patches.

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