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Discussion in 'DarkScape' started by Berreie, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. Hello

    I'm quite new to this but i have a question why does Runemate ask for JAG when i log in ?

    Thanks on advance
  2. Hmm can you post a picture? Its weird
  3. It just says the standard JAG Guardian Message
  4. Maybe disable it :p
    I just use the authenticator :)
  5. mmmm yeah but my concern is not about wether i can disable it or not.
    It's about that JAG Guardian is in fact IP related
    So in other words i think this but uses a VPN
    Then the question is ... why ?
  6. Do you use a vpn? or use the proxy that is build into RM?
  7. Nope not at all
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    Maybe a mod could answer this question more accurately.
    Not that i'm saying you don't know nothing about it but maybe it has something to do with the code
    :) how do we call in the mods ?
  8. @Aidden @Arbiter @Cloud i think those are the best people to help you solve this issue :)
  9. Thanks you kristiaan oh and also ? are you NL ? :)
  10. Uhm are you asked for it on the RuneScape login screen or the RuneMate login screen?

    Because Runemate uses a similiar authentication system.
  11. I had this problem too. Every single time I closed the RuneMate client and start it up again, I had to reauthenticate it, as if each time I opened a client it recognized as a different machine by Jagex. So I just disabled JAG.
  12. I first login to my Runemate Account. After that on my Darkscape account and when i try to login the JAG Guardian message appears
  13. I am Belgian and yes i speak dutch ;)
  14. Same here Belgian aswell :) good to know
  15. If you want you can add me on FB :)
  16. JAG uses IP, MAC address and probably other things as well to determine the device you're using. RuneMate isn't asking for JAG, runescape is. According to the wikia they store some file to help identify the device as well. I'm guessing when you run through the client it's tripping one of the other mechanisms used and causing it to require authorization. Don't worry, it only happens once per account so once you've authorized JAG while logging in through RuneMate you'll be good to go. Happens to me everytime i reinstall windows. Add JAG while running RM then when i go to log in through the browser i need to do it again.
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    That's odd that never happened to me. @Cloud any insight?
  17. Holy cheese cake on a stick.. you guys are fast to respond.

    Thanks alot :) i was just curious
    First impression of this community is very good
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