Resolved Runemate Beta 4 OSRS Walking Issues

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  1. Not sure why but I'm conistently having problems trying to walk correctly in OSRS.

    I have used predefined paths just to have it spam click the same spot and never progress.

    I have used generateLinePath(), and this one at least makes my character walk, but in the complete opposite direction in which it is suppose to be going.

    Then getDefaultWeb(), does nothing at all, just sits there. Not sure why, no errors, nothing, just chills.

    Here's what I'm using trying to walk, becasue it might be my fault, I'm not sure. (I'm using my own Area method, which just grabs the center tile of the area, and it just sits here doing nothing.)

    Hope this helps a tiny bit, if you need any other info please let me know! :)
  2. Is this also a problem with generateLinePathTo()?
  3. Yea it shoots off in the wrong direction; like in the image above for example, generateLinePathTo() will create a path going right through the trees, when the final coordinate is just off the the left in the field.
  4. Do me a favor and make sure that the map orientation doesn't affect it.

    Also, if you check the jdocs you'll find the default web is well, highly incomplete. In OSRS, line paths are recommended currently (hence why webs didn't work)

    And also, can you take a short video of PredefinedPath.step not working?
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  5. ^- you really need to install a plugin that merges posts
  6. Yea of course I can! :) I'm a little busy today, but the moment I get time, I'll get all of that together, and post them!
  7. Alright just went and checked to see if orientation had any effect, and it does not. generateLinePath still draws a path completely in the wrong directly, while predefine will follow the path taking about 1 tile steps, then after about 6 steps, it spazs out and starts going off course. I also got a video for you as well! But.... I can't seem to get it to upload, but all it does is, take a single tile step for about 6 tiles, then goes off-course a little, and just keeps repeating that pattern. If I can get the video to upload, I will edit my post with it! Sorry about that!
  8. The video would really help because I don't really understand what's going on...
  9. Alright I finally got it uploaded! Sorry about the wait! But the video shows the path I have set, then how I call it, then how it runs in the client. My character will take about 6 single tile steps, then walk left trying to go inside a building, then back on course, and will get stuck in a loop doing that. Here's what I'm talking about:

    (May take a few to get processed, Vimeo only place that would actually let me upload, every other place would just stall while uploading.)
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  10. Were all the points that are clicked located on the path you defined?

    Edit: Can you send me your test code?
  11. fixed in beta 5
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