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  1. After an intense few days of round the clock investigation, we are happy to announce that the RuneMate client is back online and safer than ever! Windows support has been released. Mac and Linux will follow in the next few days. Happy botting.

    To review the events of the last few days, RuneScape 3 had a ban wave that affected all RuneScape botting clients. RuneMate's Staff holds itself to a higher standard and as such we voluntarily shut down the client to investigate whether or not any new detection methods was introduced even though the client was fully functional during this time. Our efforts were very fruitful in identifying a number of potential areas that Jagex could be using, most of which have never been previously explored in this scene. We followed a systematic process of rating threat levels for each of these and mitigated them by priority. Additionally, we have added more heuristics to our automated real-time monitoring system that will notify us immediately of any interesting changes Jagex makes.

    The investigation ultimately yielded that this was most likely just a seasonal ban wave and not a bot nuke at the code level, like ClusterFlutterer was in the past. Our decision to voluntarily go offline to investigate was proactive and arguably unneeded as it turned out, but we do not regret it one bit. At the end of the day nothing is more important to us than your account's security - usage statistics, advertisement income, or web traffic can't even come close. Also, as a result of the ensuing investigation we are even more confident in the quality and security of the product we are offering you.

    Update 11/20: Linux support re-instated. Mac support within the next day or two.

    Update 11/21: Mac support re-instated.
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  2. Welcome to RuneMate v1.3.0 =)
  3. Are you sure? I just got instantly banned when trying to connect.. on DS
  4. Your the second person I've seen say this.
  5. Bans aren't applied until login. It is most likely that the account was marked for ban and hadn't been logged into yet.
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    No I'm pretty sure you saw the same guy twice. :p
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  6. You were previously flagged for botting. I've been getting delayed bans upon login since mid-October.
  7. Arbiter Qt Pie
  8. Welcome back, boys
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  9. Time to login and play Russian Roulette

    Thanks for all the effort and work tho. Appreciate it :)
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  10. Botting like a champ thanks again Runemate I love u M8
  11. when will it work on mac?
  12. @Arbiter have any modification on the runemate client been made? can you name them?
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    ps: i also got banned on 3 different accounts the moment i logged in 2 osrs 1 rs3
  13. As he mentioned in his post, he applied a couple of changes.
    We can not share this information, as Jagex might find out about any vulnerabilities.
    The less we share, the more we care <3
  14. Have you logged into these accounts in the last week? If not, then they are on-login bans from the ban wave. Read above posts for explanation.
  15. Login using the regular client, then using RuneMate.
    If ban occurs at regular client, its delayed.
    If it's RuneMate, shoot Arbiter a message asap or post here.
  16. I had two accounts that I botted with runemate equally on DS. Logged into one just then and got instant banned but I also used epicbot on only that one for about an hour while RM was down. Logged into the second account on normal client and no ban and also no ban after logging in with RM client. Will update if anything changes, I'll wait a day before starting to bot again on it.
  17. Thanks for the hard work on getting everything put back together. I highly doubt this thread will get as many thanks as there were wtf's on the other, but thanks anyway lol.
  18. Thank's guys, appreciate your work.
  19. Back we go again :D thx for your work
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