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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Arbiter, Nov 16, 2015.

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  1. It has come to our attention that a RuneScape update in the last 24 hours brought about a ban wave. Our users' account safety is our top priority and as such we have chosen to disable the client temporarily while we conduct a thorough investigation (and we urge the other botting clients to do the same). Once we are confident that any potentially new detection attempt has been mitigated we will be back to full operations.

    Here are some quick facts about what we know:
    • All RuneScape botting clients are affected by this, so it is highly recommended to just lay low for a couple days and let the community leaders figure it out.
    • Account registration and tutorial were initially targeted, but has since moved beyond that.
    • It is likely a very trivial detection method as it did not raise any of our automated safeguards that scan for client abnormalities.
    • Historically there have been much more sophisticated bot prevention/detection attempts, but we have overcome every obstacle they sent our way for over the last decade. This will be no different.
    We will keep you posted on our status, but in the meantime converse about the latest and greatest in RuneScape botting on our forums. We'll be back to botting in no time. :)

    Want to help? Fill out the following template if you received a ban.
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  2. Thanks for This but Sadly I was too late. I got banned with:
    *200m+ Gold,
    *8 99's
    *70+ Quests completed

    & I had been questing and leveling up for 2 weeks working towards curses then sadly I was banned for botting 15 minutes of Hunter
  3. Sadly I was too late also. Lucky i transfered over my cash. My last proggy though! #suicideornothing

  4. when i can start botting ?
  5. I feel you, I got banned with:
    *ca 300m bank
    *8 99's
    *Almost all quests finished (was going for quest cape when this happened) :(

    I left the bot overnight and exactly when I woke up, got to my computer, teleported to prifddinas and was about to log off it happened :/
    I think its going to haunt me that I didn't wake up 5 min earlier, lol

    For me it said it happened 09:55
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  6. Botted until the client went down, maybe im just lucky i guess!
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  7. It's a sad day to be a botter. Time to start all over again when this blows over...
  8. It must be a rather hard decision to stop the thing you have created personally, even though it's only temporarily. I can only admire that customer safety has been put above greed (in either financial aspect or userbase aspect).

    Let's hope that this new detection method by Jagex gets figured out soon so we can go back to botting.

    Just speculating, but since RuneScape can only be run from their client (no 3rd parties, and they've also removed the webclient) I think it's only logical to assume that Jagex has some sort of detection for when they log in on its own native client. If that is not the case, it must be an illegal platform that RuneScape runs through, resulting in a permanent ban.
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  9. Yep, got my 2 pure accounts banned too 10 minutes ago :(
  10. how about darkscape?
  11. Thanks for the info .
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  13. damn, gotta login all my accounts to see if anyone's been banned.
  14. Tried botting for the first time last night, script bot wouldn't work so I didn't even get to do anything closed the client and continued to play as normal. Woke up today with ban. Rip maxed main with 3.7b LOL.

    Perm ban for logging into a client for 2 minutes, Jagex ruthless. Bought VIP every year it's available and spent over $1000 on MTX, they don't give a shit who you are.
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  15. I was botting for around 4/5 hours before client went down on Darkscape. No ban yet!
  16. What did this directly affect? RS3, OSRS, DS, or DMM?
  17. all 4 of my accounts are safe. :) they are all OSRS/DMM bots.
  18. They shouldn't give a shit because botting is botting, but I still feel sorry for the money you've lost.
  19. I usually jsut play RS3 and all my accounts are banned.
  20. None of my accounts have been banned (never botted 6+ hrs / day, never made ridiculous amounts of gp)
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