Resolved Runemate crashes When i play games along side it?

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  1. Hello All,

    wonder if you can help me, when i play games like rust and gta, runemate always crashes on me and goes "not responding"

    can anyone help me?

    Gyazo - 2f9c50a39bf1aa5a66e7bda4a912080c.png
    + yes, speccy is bugged and says i only have 2gb gpu ram lool
  2. Probably not a hardware thing, maybe the games you play kind of block runescape/runemate. Maybe it's a Windows 10 thing :/
  3. Yeah it's fine on standalone or on not intensive games? may just be a windows 10 thing :(
  4. I can play Rust fine alongside multiple instances of RuneMate. Maybe try monitoring your resource usage using Task Manager/Resource Monitor and see if there's anything that seems a little odd there.
  5. Are you attempting to play the other games in fullscreen instead of windowed fullscreen? Run the same game in windowed and see if it has the same problem. If not than it is as simple as not playing games in fullscreen mode (which I would recommend against with your specs anyways as you don't need the performance increases gained by the game hijacking the display).

  6. Hello,

    Yes I play all my games in normal full screen mode.
    I will test tonight to see is windowed mode makes a difference! Thanks
  7. Awesome! Just keep us in the loop and I am sure we can get you sorted out. I guess since we have some downtime before you can test I will give you a rundown of why I think that may potentially be the problem.

    Certain versions of Java struggle with managing a frame (AWT or otherwise) when the display device they are on changes suddenly. My assumption is that something in the overlay is on the dispatch thread instead of being threaded separately. If that assumption is correct than it follows that breaking/delaying the thread will cause a 'hang' in the program.

    Hopefully playing in a window helps, but if it doesn't feel free to ping the thread or me directly (thread is more likely to get additional potential solutions).
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  8. Awesome thanks for that!

    I'm currently at work for the next 10 hours, so I'll test tonight, I hope it works and if not I'll drop you a pm!

    Thanks very much :)

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