runemate didn't work and hacked me

Discussion in 'General' started by Wow5671, Jul 13, 2016.

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  1. tried using it, couldn't get it to work, thought whatever, and got off..

    went back on my account a few days later to everything missing

    fuck you guys :)
  2. Your a fucking moron, runemate wouldn't hack anyone, there are people on this website making 40bn RS3/month & They aren't being hacked, GTFO
  3. same i got 32 accounts hacked this morning. it was definately @SlashnHax #exposed
  4. how am i a "fucking moron" lmao. i got back into the game literally the day before downloading runemate, then got hacked immediately after... there's literally no other option as to how i got hacked
  5. Yeah there are A million ways you could of gotten hacked, Your probably a Idiot who signed into a Phishing website from those spammers in the g,e.

    Runemate didn't hack you, They never will, they have never hacked anyone before and for you to come here with these void statements is Completely disrespectful.
  6. (your a fucking idot go back to powerbot)
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  7. ive been using runemate on and off for awhile, none of my accounts have been hacked. you should check your pc for malware :)
  8. This thread isn't in casual so please don't troll on it like this. People will think you're actually serious -.-

    @Wow5671 All i'm going to say is that you're wrong. Try searching the forums for other peoples posts about runemate hacking them and you'll see that they eventually realised that it was their own stupidity that caused them to get hacked. Runemate is the safest bot out. If you think we'd hack you and throw away the site and authors reputation just for a couple of accounts that are probably worth shit all, then you're an idiot.

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