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Discussion in 'OSRS' started by hey, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. I'm very happy to say this!
    I've tested alot of botting when I've played RuneScape, and I'm very happy to say RuneMate is undetectable for now.
    As it is for now its 100% undetectable, I've done so many tests, experiments and it seems like its undetectable.

    How did I do it?
    Yesterday, I made 4 accounts.
    2 on TRiBot Client.
    2 on RuneMate Client.

    I botted the same things, in the same world. On all 4 accounts. Only the accounts created on tribot client got banned.
    (The accounts were created at the same point, just on different clients.)

    Just picture of what im botting I guess x.D

    Improvements: While I go to sleep, the bots are NEVER on when I wake back up.
    I don't know why they don't keep running but it seems like its some kind of bug
    One thing I saw was that if; you disconnect and bot tries to login, and it says "Your account is already logged in, please try again in 60 seconds" then the script bot will turn off. WHich is Bad! You will have to update that.

    Also, I if there could be someone making a OSRS chin hunt script bot, it would be cool. Also a bird script bot which basicly hunts birds!

    Thank you this was all from me,
    Kind regards, Hey AKA Abbe

    Skype: mohammed6dudu
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  2. Thanks for using my fisher to perform these tests :p I agree with you about the already logged in thing. @Cloud i think it should wait for x seconds and try again, after 2 or 3 failed attempts it should then stop the script bot.
    As for not running over night, we don't currently bypass the 6 hour limit so that may be the problem. Also, my fisher does seem to have a couple bugs so that may have been another factor
  3. Im botting on OSRS, NOT RS3. and osrs doesn't have any limits, thanks :) Also, theres a glitch with your script bot. Why does the script bot randomly just stops doing nothing and then keeps on doing nothing?
  4. No idea, what's the status when this happens and what is the last thing it actually did?
  5. Although I don't think it's much of a problem, I've gone ahead and updated it to retry up to three times to get through the "Your account is already logged in" issue. Between tries it'll wait a small amount of time. This change will appear in the next client release.
  6. I've had the "Your account is already logged in" message plenty of times on my dedicated server (good constant connection), however runescape worlds are not so stable, so sometimes when it crashes you are prompted with this message. Thanks for adding a failsafe.

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