RuneMate Recognition

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  1. So i was watching a few of oakdice's videos just now and some of the biggest runescape hackers know as HaxUnit have been using runemate as there primary bot handler.

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  2. Interesting
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  3. Plot twist: OP is the leader
  4. Now that is interesting. Can't wait to get home and watch the video.
  5. Based on his photo.. To be expected of Light Yagami.. Always one step ahead.
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  6. It just caught my eye
  7. Wow, whata you know. Tells you how OP the client is
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  8. i mean.. if u can use the G.E from your phone.. why couldnt u just make an applet to open the G.E.. i might be thinking too easy but i think its possible right?
  9. I don't have a clue haha
  10. Interesting.
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  11. Crazy, its amazing how they found this out.

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