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  1. @Cloud I know that this is something that's already being looked into, but I thought I'd make a post about it in case others have more information.

    What seems to trigger this is, if I put RuneMate maximized on my top right monitor and then I want to move it to my bottom monitor.

    To do this I will click the 'Restore Down' button and all of a sudden it will jump to my bottom monitor, (which is marked as my main monitor in windows settings) and it will already be in full screen mode.

    However, if I click anywhere on the client, I will get the following:

    Win 10 x64
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    1. We can see all your skills, quest points, cash stack, bank items so its easy for Jagex to determine your account name.
    2. Why do I see 2 causes of cancer on your desktop?
  2. Your complaint was address about the cancer.
  3. Kinda curious what the cancer is now. On a more serious note, @Cloud can we review the UI element binding again?
  4. I though I'd give a little update. The UI glitch has happened twice now after the original post. Both times, it seemed to have been when I pressed anything on the top of the RuneMate window when I previously had another application focused on another monitor

    If I click in the game First, and then click the top of RM, it all seems to work fine.
  5. @Arbiter - So specifically this seems to be an issue when using a multi-monitor setup. I'm not sure what you meant by element binding but I don't have a multi-monitor setup to test this with unfortunately. Can you do some debugging and try to find a process to reproduce it consistently?
  6. Yeah I'll work @proxi to reproduce. I have a multi-monitor setup. I meant using JavaFX property bindings, like width property, height property, etc. to make sure these edge cases can't exist.
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    Should be fixed in the next release. Let me know if it isn't @proxi.

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