RuneMate V1.0.0 - Beta 15

Discussion in 'Client Updates' started by Cloud, Apr 23, 2014.

    • Added Sort
    • Added RuneScape.getEntry (for those curious about the internals of the game...)
    • Added many methods to Npcs, Players, GameObjects, GroundItems, Projectiles, etc
    • Added LodestoneVertex & Lodestone.getDestination()
    • Added Powers to the RS3 API
    • Added outline of Magic and Prayer to the OSRS API
    • Fixed RS3 health gauges
    • Fixed a NPC lookup bug when resolving interacting entities.
    • Added GameObjectDefinition.getColors
    • Added Timer (to compliment StopWatch)
    • Rewrote parts of the web walking framework
    • Fixed some obfuscation bugs
    • Improved javadocs
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