RuneMate V1.0.0 - Beta 59

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  1. Changelog
    • CPU performance improvements (interfaces, ground items)
    • Added Mouse#get/setPathRenderer for changing the active mouse trail
    • You can now use all of java 8 within your scripts bots, including lambdas and the stream api.
    • Added Projectile#getSource (Only available within RS3)
    • Added Projectiles#newQuery and related systems
    • Added GroundItemQuery#quantity(min) and quantity(min,max)
    • And more coming soon...
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  2. Good stuff
  3. This release is now available!
  4. Good Job on CPU It so Low ♥
  5. hey hey :p good update man good job :) keep it up!
  6. Please add Graphics ID printing just like the animations for both Players and NPCs, thank you.
  7. Use the development toolkit. You'll be able to access that and plenty more.
  8. I appreciate the quick reply, I've been on the SDK mode and couldn't seem to find GFX IDs. I've found a lot more though which was very useful.
  9. oh, what do you mean by graphic ids? models ids?
  10. Graphics a player & npc casts has its unique ID just like an animation. So if I'm using the Kissing emote it would print out the animation id, the same goes for graphics.
  11. Inventory.getLastItem() -> direct opposite to Inventory.getFirstItem()
  12. I'm going to suggest you use the query system for that. If you don't want to use the fully query system, I suggest using Inventory.getItems().last()
  13. I'm sorry I don't quite understand your first sentence. Can you try rephrasing it?
  14. An example:

  15. Okay so let me make sure I understand this. That effect is occurring automatically while you have the ags equipped, and it's id isn't the animation id or the stance id?
  16. It's the AGS special attack animation.. I don't see what he's trying to get here either, lol.

    Edit: better said, it's the graphics that show up when you use the AGS special attack, but they only appear when using it normally, not like in his gif.
  17. This is on a private server using the OSRS client, not RuneScape. I'm executing the GFX command and then the ID. In the example I used the Graphics of the Armadyl Godsword Special Attack. Each action has its own graphics most of the time. For example if you're casting an ice barrage on me the cube that lands on me is a "gfx" it has an ID. Is it possible to make it so you print out these IDs after they occur in game?
  18. I don't think those are hooked.
  19. I'm pretty sure they are, my friend did it.

  20. Not on RuneMate is what I'm trying to say.

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