RuneMate V1.0.0 - Beta 75

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  1. This is a big update so I'm just going to go over the more important stuff.
    • The Camera class has been completely redone. It's now more accurate and more customizable. It also includes methods for asyncronized turns (which return cancelable Future<Boolean> objects). Mouse based camera movements have been temporarily disabled while I finish tweaking there usage. In addition, turnTo (and passivelyTurnTo) now adjusts pitch in addition to yaw.
    • Execution.delay() no longer obliterates the interruption status of the active thread when an InterruptedException is thrown.
    • RegionPath will now generate more human like and slightly sub-optimal paths. The degree to which this takes affect is decided by player sense and varies for each player. The tests were very promising.
    • LocatableQueryResults#nearest/furthest have been completely redone. It will always return the nearest entity in the results (like before) however when multiple entities are equidistant it will take a much more human like approach to resolving which one is actually nearest.
    • The BeastOfBurden class has been expanded to provide easy store/withdraw functions.
    • NpcDefinition names now have html tags filtered out of them.
    • Due to a bug on Jagex's end, when some accounts left click it opens the menu. I've adjusted the menu code to better handle when this happens (in a way that doesn't affect players who aren't experiencing this)
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  2. great job tyvm #first
  3. Awesome update :D Think im gonna love the new camera class :p
  4. Seems to have broke most scripts bots.

    But yeeeeey *opens intelli*
  5. Looks great, thanks :)
  6. Some scripts bots need to be repushed do to an accidental signature change.
  7. Great, more Beast of Burden Api <3

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