RuneMate V1.0.0 - Beta 76

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    • AbstractScript#getSettings now returns an instance of ManagedProperties that syncs itself to the servers. This means that when you save a setting within a script bot, it is saved on the servers so that when you load runemate on a different pc the same settings are loaded.
    • We've added a few new settings
      • Send tray notifications - whether or not to send tray notifications from the client regarding in game events/script bot events.
      • Mouse speed multiplier - specify if you want your mouse to go a bit faster or slower. Use at your own risk. This factor is in addition to what is applied within a script bot. Now that this option is available, bot authors should gradually start removing their hardcoded multipliers and let the user select their own speed.
    • A completely revamped Summoning class (along with some very comprehensive enums for Familiars, Pouches, Scrolls, and Ingredients).
    • The addition of a partial Dungeoneering spellbook api into the Powers.Magic class (introduced as a subclass similar to Lunar and Magic). At this point it only contains the teleport spells.
    • The slight delay that occurred when clicking sign in during the login process has been fixed and it now properly displays a logging in message.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented deletion of some accounts that were entered a long time ago.
    • Miscellaneous API fixes.
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    This update is now available.
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  1. Sooooo... Always on top? :D
  2. Not selectable although it's implemented. I need to work on the secondary dialogs more first.
  3. Great, much thanks!
  4. good work
  5. Looks good. Keep up the great work :)

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