RuneMate V1.0.0 - Beta 77

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    • Added Themes.getCurrentStylesheet().
    • Added Bestiary class to RS3 package.
    • Fixed a rogue null pointer in the Region class.
    • Deprecated parts of the WorldSelect class.
    • Added a Worlds class and a -world CLI argument.
    • Added the ability to force a certain camera pitch or yaw when turning to an entity.
    • Began to force a 64bit JRE and Java 8u40.
    • Deprecated certain direct index methods in the Interfaces class.
    • Fixed Camera.passivelyTurnTo throwing index out of bound exceptions when -1 is passed in. Since that's the value getYaw and getPitch return under certain situations, it now simply returns false for that value.
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    Updated the list slightly.
  1. Bby. Bby why? This prevents the people suffering from the "DirectX/Java 8-64 bit white screen error" from using RS3. WHY YOU GOTTA FORCE US TO USE OPENGL, HUH!

    Meh. An update is an update... so yay!

    Stay Sexy
  2. That was recently solved by Jagex mate. Otherwise, Runemate would not have enforced 8 u 40 :)
  3. OH REALLY. Whelp I'm in the wrong. Thanks for pointing that out XD
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  4. I haven't updated anything. I already have java 8 40 complete installed 7 days ago. shall I try re install it?
  5. One way to test which Java is the default is to open up "cmd" and type "java -version". You want to see Java 8u40 64bit. If it's not then the easiest solution is to uninstall all outdated Java versions from your computer and optionally re-install the latest to fix your global variables.
  7. Yep it's not 64bit unfortunately. What architecture is your PC? Run "dxdiag" and screenshot it if you're not sure.
  8. I'm pretty sure that I'm x64bit!
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  9. Ok then you're golden as long as your OS is x64 (aka 64bit). Just go to Oracle's download page and choose Windows x64.

  10. It worked sir! I don't know why. I'm sure my previous installation of java was 64bit as well! cuz I haven't chosen it manually. I downloaded the java installer and made it do the inspection! but hey thank you! :D
  11. im only 32bit can i no lomnger run?
  12. Were you able to run without a memory-related crash with 32bit?
  13. yup had no problems
  14. I've temporarily reverted that requirement, however moving forward it will probably be re-instated so I highly recommend you update to a more modern OS if possible. You'll have a much better experience both now and in the future.

  15. Thank you :), im currently on a laptop with 3gb ram and windows 7 I have no problems running runemate and IDE and browser with tabs along with a video.
    I have no need to update to 64bit :(
  16. Okay Beta 77 patch 4 has been released. In patch 3 we removed the 64bit JRE requirement, but now it has been reworked and re-instated in a way that I feel will lead to the best results. If you're on a 64bit operating system, RuneMate will prevent you from logging in if you're not running a 64bit JRE. This is because it has been shown to offer a much better experience. If you're on a 32bit operating system, RuneMate will allow you to proceed. However, if the game crashes because it cannot access the memory that it requires (which is an occasional occurrence) it will inform you that this can be resolved by upgrading to a 64bit operating system.
  17. Shame I can no longer use this bot due to the 64bit java update. It worked fine without a flaw before, but now I won't even be able to launch the bot.

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