Runemate won't run for me?!

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by nick6doeee, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. I keep getting an error that says "An internal error occurred (error code: launch path not accessible)"

    Anybody know what I should do to resolve this issue?
  2. Uninstall RuneMate from "Add or remove programs" from your Start menu, re-download, and re-install.
  3. i'm using a mac
  4. Mac OSX is currently not supported, but is being worked on. It's a top priority.
  5. why did it abruptly stop working?
  6. it stopped working because of the new client that has just launched which has the hope of decrease the ban rate.
  7. is there anyway i can still run rune mate through a mac system? just a thought idk I'm not that smart with computers..
  8. I do not have a Mac, so am not the best person to answer - however you can install Windows alongside Mac to use Runemate Spectre.

    More information here:
    How to install Windows using Boot Camp - Apple Support

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