RS3 Runemate's #1 Skiller Progress [The Resurrection]

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  1. As you all know, I had a skiller that I really unlike others keept updating about. I shared my journey with you guys over a course of 1 month, where I showed my accomplishements on the skiller I made striclty by suicide botting more or less. Many people appriciated seeing the constant promising progress that I made. But however the botting caught up with me and it resulted in me getting banned. Here is a quote from a witness:

    "Skiller has been in an terrible accident, high speed chase ended up in Lumbridge hospital. Got rekt by Hans."

    However now I am back with a new skiller that I have already started on since like 1 month ago, and shit looks promising, so I thought I would share my progress with you once again, but this time with perhaps less updates since I at the moment am living a very time-consuming life style. One thing worth mentioning is that this time I am using a very special kind of technique, and it shall stay a secret. #Leakpl0xpls

    This is my old thread

    So let's start my journey to a maxed skiller.



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  2. Curious to see how round 2 goes, good luck :).
  3. Thanks added to support, and check out the starting stats, I'd say it already looks good :)
  4. I support your progress yet again. This time manage to max it! ;)
  5. Looking forward to seeing updates on this, progress is great so far.
  6. Good luck m80! Are you gonna go for 99/120 dung too?:eek:
  7. Yeah just saw your stats, looks really promising already!
    Gonna leave all your stats at 98 and level them all at once or something?
  8. Nice account and good luck with the skiller :)
    Would you mind making a list of what bots you use to gain the lvls with as well?
  9. How are you currently levelling crafting?
  10. Believe it or not, but I did gold bracelets all the way from level 7, made over 50M profit xD but took around 200-300 hours hahahahaha overkill man. But hey in it to win it.
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    I am using a special technique, so can't really reveal it.
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    Yeah that was my masterplan and then level all like a baws :)
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    Picture of stats coming soon almost 100 levels progress since last time :O
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    @ElMacaro @Insomniac @Hypo @Jesse @G10 @Pulse - Since you guys posted :)

    Check out the progress spoiler some major improvements in a certain skill :)!!!

    // Side note, going on vaccation 15th june, and wont be playing or for that matter be active on the internet for 1 and a half month.
  11. Pretty impressive Div progress, made some nice cash with it too I think?
    Already know a next skill?
  12. Nice progress man! Are you going to lvl all skills to 99 at the same time?
  13. I went for enchanced xp all the way, but I plan on eventually doing incadescent energy for money... But then div will be my only 99 untrimmed :)
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    Yeah something like that
  14. GL m8, i really liked the first thread.
  15. Vacation 15th june, will be gone 1month+.

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