Question Runescape client using insane amounts of CPU?! HELP!

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Dylan Turner, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. Dylan Turner

    Oct 19, 2015
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    I have just started my new RS3 ironman project with spectre. Been playing osrs with offsite client and rsps's for like 4 months, am really excited to be back playing the live RS3 game again. But coming back to RS3 i have noticed the normal client on lowest possible setting with a fixed screen uses aboit 30% CPU?!. But the NXT client i can run on my computer with ULTRA graphics and full screen and uses around 5-25% cpu.

    I do enjoy the NXT client alot aswell so would be really nice to see it. Any current progress on the development for this?

    Also can anyone help troubleshoot this problem for me why the client is using so much CPU, before it used to use around 15% on high graphics on my machine. I had a problem like this before where it was not using my graphics card but i have checked litterally everything so i think im going to live with it, still please try help though this is ridiculous.

    It is an HP Laptop with:
    Intel i7-5500U CPU
    16GB of RAM

    Look at the cpu usage difference?!

    Java Client:


    NXT Client:
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  2. OmniCasual

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    I'm getting about the same usage with my Skylake i5. Granted in the Java client I'm only getting about 30% usage and about 25% usage with the Spectre client which is odd since that's about 55% but just RS3 alone uses 15% along with Spectre tho its usage doubles for some reason.

    As for NXT I get about 40% usage on low while Ultra uses much less CPU for some reason.

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