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  1. Jagex recently posted details for the RuneScape NXT client on the forums, you can read the complete details here:,199,113,65596566


    "A unanimous decision was made to begin work on a brand-new, cross-platform, C++ RuneScape client. The back-end code (rendering, audio, networking, build systems, etc.) would be written from scratch, but for the client code itself we would port the HTML5 code base to C++. "

    "Firstly, the Java language is no longer fit for purpose as a modern game client solution. Even major browsers are going to stop supporting it soon, starting with Chrome, and with Firefox following suit soon after. "

    "We're nearly finished implementing the core client features, with visuals and performance already better than the Java client. "



    Better performance over existing Java client
    Better visual than HTML5 RS3 client
    ● More platform and OS support (Windows XP/7/8, OSX, Linux, web browser)
    ● Improved loading speed
    ● Improved draw distances over Java
    ● Improved graphics:
    - Global illumination lighting (irradiance via spherical harmonics and ambient occlusion)
    - Atmospheric light scattering
    - Cascaded shadow maps (highly detailed sun shadows over larger distances)
    - Improved post-processing
    - Improved reflections
    - Gamma correct and HDR rendering pipeline
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  2. It look great but will it affect bots since they wil stop using Java?
  3. Cloud and Arbiter said that if this happens, RuneMate will be able to be ported over very quickly, in measure of weeks (1-2 if I remember).
  4. I heard something that RuneMate will be able to port to NXT quite quickly. But don't quote me on that.

    This new client would totally change the runescape experience, it has ran too long on java and it's time to move on to something more powerful.
    (and hopefully make bots perform better too ^^)
  5. Looks a nice update. Runescape needed that.
  6. Well I'm taking c++ next semester anyways
  7. RuneMate staff too stronk
  8. +1
  9. This looks pretty fucking legit.
  10. Soon League of RuneCraft.
  11. Will bots have to be coded in C++?
  12. No, for 2 reasons. 1. The Java client probably won't be going anywhere soon, and 2. @Cloud said that via JNI's ,we can still code scripts bots in Java. @Arbiter also mentioned that if C++ client is released and java support is ended, it will take them a week, max two, to get Runemate back up and running.
  13. Okay, thanks.

    Since it takes so little time, I reckon it'd be wise to convert RuneMate to C++ even if only for the performance gains. Perhaps it would reduce bans?

    I assume this also means that there would be an option to code using C++ without using the JNI.
  14. @Cloud said that we probably won't be allowed to code in C++, and i agree with him. The things that we have in Java such as Java FX ui builder and garbage collection make scripting a breeze compared to what we would have to go through in C++. Not to mention that there aren't that many good Ui builders/tutorials for C++ like Java, there is no garbage collection in C++, meaning scripters will have to worry about things like memory leaks and dangling pointers.
  15. Damn it. I was planning on developing for RuneMate again as C++ practice.
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  16. This is interesting, and I'm curious where the rationale for 1-2 weeks comes from, I've dealt with both languages as well as worked a tiny bit on hacking games that are not written in Java (PSO2). The RS client wouldn't just be a C++ wrapper around a Java core, it would be entirely rewritten. There will be no reflection (Runemate's primary source of data gathering), so I'm curious how they intend to grab stuff, especially if Jagex goes along using something like GameGuard.

    Memory management isn't that big of deal, plus then maybe RM wouldn't have it's stupid fucking memory leak.

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