RS3 runescape p2p money guide #2

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  1. Method one: Drink's jug of wine and bank wine or fill up with water for an extra 2k,
    Requirements: 100k-500k start off cash.
    Does it have a bot: yes here is the link: Celestial Wine Drinker "thanks to Defeat3d"

    Method two: Red spider eggs can be spawned by spider pouch,
    Requirements: 10 summoning, 75k-200k start off cash.
    Does it have a bot: yes here is the link: Velox Egg Spawner "thanks to Dibes"

    Method three: Muddy keys running to level 45 wilderness with 20 keys in innovatory opening chest out there,
    Requirements: 300K start off cash, gem bag, familiar,
    Suggestion: 2k dung points for gem bag.
    Does it have a bot: no i am currently making it will not be done for a few weeks due to me moving.

    Method four: Nature rune running,
    Requirements: skill greater than 44 runecrafing, small mid big larg massive pouch, glory's (4) 5k-30k pure essence.
    Suggestion: use abyss in the wilderness if so you will need to complete the mini-quest to use it.
    Does it have a bot: yes here is the link: Velox Abyss "thanks to Dibes"


    Well that's all for now thanks for readying and watching.
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  2. Nice and simple
  3. lol i edited that to my self lawl
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    thanks. i was trying to go for that
  4. gp/hr rates would be a good idea to include in the post :p but other than that some good efficient methods for new, low-mid level members!
  5. yea this was my second take at making methods later today i will make a new one with better gp hr and requirements etc etc,
    but for now the only thing wrong is see is the freaking video graphics lol
  6. Method one is also available for F2P players. :)
  7. I just released a new method #3 on guides and yea i didn't release that till i was recording.
  8. how much GP/HR? :)
  9. not sure though i made another method with profit.
  10. which method? :)
  11. all preferably :) if possible
  12. muddy keys +- 500k/h

    spider eggs +- 800-900k/h

    Thats what i know :)
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  13. Awesome job! Only thing that could make it better is if you added the RuneMate homepage link to the video description, and possibly direct links to the bots you referenced. Perhaps even a short description of what RuneMate is. ;)
  14. 50% positive he wasn't talking about botting he also said he does not bot anymore.
  15. I was talking to you. :p
  16. ic that now lol
  17. Meh pretty common methods, could use a lot more detail. Good start.
  18. that is why i did #3 lol

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