RS3 Runespan Bot?

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Dellgenius, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. IS there already a Runespan bot? if not i think we need one
  2. iirc our resident Runespan bot is called Houndspan
  3. okay. i will check it out. is it safe to use?
  4. Haven't personally tested it, but it should be fine.

    Having said that, you shouldn't bot on any account you're not willing to lose. I'm pretty sure EvilCabbages has a guide on "safe botting" on here.
  5. @Dellgenius

    My guide on "botting safely" can be found here. Keep in mind that you're always under a risk when botting, and that these measures only help lower the chance of getting caught.
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  6. i have used houndspan for over 2M XP and bo bans yet.

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