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  1. I'm new to Runemate but am an old time botter from back in the day.... runemate seems to be extremely better than most old bots that I've used. But I cant seem to get more than one bot to login at once. How do I do that? Do I have to change proxies? and where are the settings for that?

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  3. You should be able to run 2 instances of RuneMate by simply opening RuneMate twice.
    You might wanna consider using proxies, as sometimes people who get banned get all accounts banned on the same IP.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I can pull up another RuneMate but I still get the error for darkscape "Login limit exceeded: too many connections from your address"

    How do you actually go about using a proxy with RuneMate?
  5. "Login limit exceeded: too many connections from your address"

    Go to your user folder C:\Users\yourusername and find the file called random.dat
    Rightclick on the file and hit properties.
    Check the box called "Read only" and hit OK.

    How do you actually go about using a proxy with RuneMate?

    It's not necessary, but like I said highly suggested to stay safe.
    Start RuneMate and click on Proxy [on the bottom of the dialog]
    Make sure your using SOCKS5 from a private/payed source.
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  6. Thanks so much! You answered everything I needed. Alota help m8
  7. How do you tell if your proxy worked or not? Like what if password is wrong, will it tell you? IDK How to check :/
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    Sorry for gravedigging, just didnt want to make a thread for something as simple as this.
  8. If a proxy isn't configured correctly or simply not working, it won't allow you to load RuneScape within RuneMate.
    You can test your proxies using Online proxy checker: online check HTTP and SOCKS proxy lists. Free SOCKS proxies, free HTTP proxies lists.
  9. If your connected to RuneScape after setting-up the proxy, the proxy works.
    If you wanna go technical, you can try TCPView for Windows
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