RS3 [S] RuneScape Main account for sale.

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Sharky80, Dec 24, 2015.

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  1. Hello RuneMate community. Decided to sell one of my accounts. Good stats, alot of usefull items like superior elite void, spring cleaner 5k, Ecnahnted excalibur, 3 kiln capes, souls + blood fury amulets, well everything is on the photo. Accout is one of the older ones, created back in 2008. Account has never been banned. Account was rarely botted on, trust me or not, but almost every skill was trained by my own hands. As you can see, there is many extreme potions in bank, make 2.5k extreme range potions, and here you go, nearly 2.5k overloads :) . Alot of quests done, Holy+supreme overload recipes bought, 99 herblore is almost in your bank. 6 Chaotic weapons of which 2 are lucky ones. 5k Crimson +2k blue charms. 2 Spider leg bottoms from the araxxi. Has 200+ death task points. 100 more and you will have a hydrix :). 1k slayer points.

    Some things that is not on photo:
    1) Has Charming imp in the slayer toolbelt - Very usefull item.
    2) Has bonecrusher in the slayer toolbelt - Makes a good combination with Demon horn necklace.
    3) Crystal Pickaxe and Hatchet - Best wc and mining tools.
    4) Has nice progress of Player owned ports
    5) All GWD abilities are unlocked.

    Account is deffinetly good. Most required quests are done, so you dont need to quest. Nearly 40m Hunter xp and almost 20M on slayer. Account dont have good artisan/gathering skills, but has amazing PvM and Slayer opportunities. Nearly all slayer tasks unlocked, all bosses are open for you if you decide to invest some cash for good gear.

    Please offer your prices. Thanks.

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  2. What are you roughly looking for? I might be interested to make a restart in legitting RuneScape, and since my own main got banned I kind of need a new one.
  3. 80$?
  4. Never used Slack before so I might need some help. What should I do next upon entering it?
  5. Bought it off him, went smooth.
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  6. #Sold
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