OSRS safe bot?

Discussion in 'OSRS' started by Escapes, Oct 21, 2015.

  1. I need a really really safe bot to levelmy strength up to 85 ASAP.
    Im 60 attack 75 strength and 1 defence.
    currently afking experiments.
  2. rs3? 07? darkscape?

  3. oh yeah sorry 07
  4. I would say... Don't bot if you are afraid to get banned.
  5. Safe botting relies on multiple things.
    1. Make sure the bot your using has a good reputation, and works fine for you aswell.
    2. Bot a max of 8 hours a day, and do quests, talk to people in-game etc..
    3. F2P has a much higher ban rate, then P2P

    I've used AlphaFighter, and it's one of the best bots on RuneMate. [imo]
    I've never been banned when using that bot while matching the above 3 statements.
  6. Thanks for that
  7. A bot is only as safe as it's user.
    Observe how the bot works, the way it clicks and delays it uses, then decide if you want to use that bot. I recommend playing a bit using the runemate client, as it records mouse use habits and applies them to mouse movements made while botting. Make sure you spend some time in GE or something interacting with friends. Try not to bot anywhere that people are going to try and chat you up. You'll usually get reported if you don't respond to someone fairly quickly, so it's good to try and avoid people altogether or find a place where others are obviously botting.
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  8. Thanks for this aswell :)

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