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  1. Hey, after ages of searching for bots to use, I've come across this website. All botting competitors' clients are detectable and instant ban.

    Was wondering if this client is safe to bot RS3 or if it is detectable too with high ban rates?

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  2. well i have 96 str and combat lvl 106 after about 3 weeks of use.
  3. I just got 99 mage after botting for 12 hours straight. And I've been botting for excessive amounts of time before, not a single ban yet.
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  4. thanks - have you heard of anyone that has been banned?
  5. Yes, but the accounts which got banned were freshly made accounts. So if you bot on an account which is like a month old, done a few quests and such, you are good to go. But remember to bot safely, with breaks, and don't bot one activity for too long without any distraction inbetween. :)
  6. I have a maxed acc apart form 80 div :p want my max cape back. Thanks for the help
  7. 80-99 would take like 2 weeks legit lol, donno if i'd risk a max caper but that's just me the client is very very stable though.
  8. Im trying to run the divination script bot and it says I don't have sufficient funds. How much do I need to donate to use the script bot?
  9. I think the bot you're trying to use is the premium one, i think it's like 5 cents an hour.
  10. Botting RS3 is pretty safe imo. I have yet to get banned.

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