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  1. Is botting firemaking safe on my main? or will i get banned.
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    I guess thats a no?
  2. I'd wait for Spectre because it's your main.
  3. Would not risk it at the moment, Jagex are hitting bots hard, high ban rates
  4. I got 1-50 in around 2-3 hours split up between 2 days. I'll let you know if I get banned but it's been a few weekdays already. I know doing it for 4+ hours at a time will be a ban. Best do it 1-2 (or 3 if ballsy) over a long period of time. If it seems slow then use better logs.
  5. Yeah if you are going to bot, you need to bot clever and careful. Also I would keep an eye on your bots why you are botting, a lot of bans come from players reporting,

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