Scheduled Maintenance - 04/17/2016

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  1. RuneMate will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on April 17th, 2016 starting at 8:00am EST and lasting 6+ hours. Certain services, including but not limited to the bot client, may become temporarily unavailable during this period. We thank you for your patience during this process and hope that you will like the results. ;)

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  2. Holy shiiett
  3. lol when its just RM updating their SQL version.
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  4. Omg FINALLY! Been waiting for months for the new servers to arrive.
  5. relatedpic.jpg
  6. Does this mean..... ;P
  7. Oh boy. This being so vague could be so many things, is it a surprise Spectre release? Who knows? I bet most people will think it is. If it's not atleast we get to eat popcorn and watch. I'm excited regardless, anytime somethings coming down for 6+ hours it's probably something nice.
  8. Its just the bitcoin miner getting updated
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  9. Omgggg Any update this serious is exciting
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    Are these updates gonna be released in detail what exactly it is or will it be clear to us when it's updated
  10. Omg ZING ^_^
  11. Bro, stop leaking info from the developers chat!
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  12. Can't wait to mine all that DANK BTC
  13. Leechers come forth! :p (kidding)
  14. Midnight my time, so hopefully by the time I am awake the update...whatever it live!
  15. Looks like ya'll gonna use that rolled up paper to sniff cocaine. Good luck with the "maintenance" ;)
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  16. inb4 real maintenance and no spectre this year Kappa
  17. This has to be something GUD :D
  18. Looking forward to the updates.
  19. Nah spectre still has plenty of bugs. Won't leave beta for quite some time. The maintainance is going to be transfering everything to faster servers in india, where arbiter will care about them personally, which also means more security for your accounts.

    Though I think spectre will come out this year, i assume around my birthday.
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