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  1. So with the release of RuneMate 1.0.0, more and more scripters have arrived, and we need to make scripts bots for the users of RuneMate!
    Because we don't want to end up with 10 woodcutters before we have other scripts bots, post what script bot you're making here so we don't make the same thing.

    NotoriousPP - Woodcutting for OSRS
    Booch - Mining for OSRS
    PurpleKush - Fighter for OSRS
    Divinity - Fisher for OSRS
    Desmaster - Fletcher for OSRS/RS3
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  2. This is a great idea. While everyone is open to develop and publish whatever they want, for the betterment of the project and community it'd be best if we covered as many bases as possible. Support++
  3. Yea I must admit this, is a really good idea because I was just about to start re-writting my fishing script bot! :p

    But anyways, since fishing is taken, I already have a Woodcutting Project from v0.9, which I could revise, and finish.

    So a Woodcutting script bot for 07 I guess! :)
  4. I could work on a mining script bot pretty soon, exams finish this Thursday and will be able to work with Notori so we make sure the scripts bots will be at great quality
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  5. I'm glad to see that this (seems to be) working out well, if anyone needs help, feel free to contact me and I will try to help :)
  6. I'm not sure if you're aware, but our SVN provides a great resource for collaboration. Whoever the primary author is can add collaborators (by their SVN/RuneMate account) to their own project group through USVN. Allows for seamless multi-author commits and one-click deployment (by primary author only).
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  7. This is actually really great especially when working in groups. Thanks
  8. We thought you'd like that :) Arbiter maybe you should make a SVN guide?
  9. Yea a guide would be useful, I've heard of SVN but never actually worked with it as I've never really had the need to before :p
  10. For sure guys. I have quite a bit of literature I need to publish. SVN guide, business proposal, and Clouse white paper just to name a few off the top of my head. Good stuff incoming!
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  11. I'm fine with that, I was originally going to make one but my PC is too shit :'(
  12. Aww, I guess I could make a woodcutter, anything really :D Just want to create some scripts bots for this charming community :)
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  13. I said in the first comment I was going to make a WoodCutter, and Fishing was my first choice as well!
    Could you please pick another skill? Like Runecrafting? That's pretty popular.
  14. Please don't forget to mention:
    Which game are you making the script bot for?
    - Oldschool
    - RS3
    - Both
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  15. Also dog_, anther idea that might help, would to post the taken ideas in the OP, so we don't have as much confusion as to who's doing what, and not having to scroll through as many post/pages this thread may get. :)
  16. Done. I didn't add any that were unclear/undecided.
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  17. Oke.. :(
  18. I'm sorry dude! Or how about a fighter? I need one to tell you the truth! :p
  19. Fighter - OSR

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