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  1. I'm new to this forum and the botting community overall (I haven't actually botted on RuneScape since 2009) so excuse me if this isn't the specified location for threads like these. As of right now I want to learn to develop my own scripts bots for personal use and perhaps later after quite a bit of experience start to release a series of scripts bots to people for free. Before I start investing a lot of time in learning how to create viable scripts bots (for the oldschool servers) for personal use I wanted to know if it would actually be worth my time.

    After looking at a few threads on a variety of different forums I have noticed people have been banned within two days to a week at most, does this mean that botting is dead? Or is it just because their using clients/scripts bots that are easy detectable by Jagex? I am really interested in creating scripts bots but just don't want to invest a lot of time for nothing.

    Again I'm sorry if this isn't the correct location for threads like this.
  2. I'm guessing that youre seer o_O. ahahaha but someone should respond to soon possibly not till tomorrow. Honestly in my opinion it would be worth it to you. This community is going to get popular really fast. If you create original scripts bots that are flawless and can either level or make a lot of GP's fast, then you could/will make a LOT of money on sales.
  3. The bans are because of a combination of clients not doing all that they can to prevent bans and scripts bots that don't properly mimic human behavior.

    RuneMate has taken more initiatives to prevent this than other clients at this point and is working hard to provide scripters with the utilities they need to make scripts bots appear to be a unique player.
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  4. Learning to script bot won't only help you here, it's quite a valuable to skill to pick up and you may enjoy the programming regardless, give it a go.
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  5. How the fuck is that off-topic? They were asking if it was worth investing time in learning to script bot and I gave my opinion that regardless of ban rates it's probably worth learning anyway. So could you take your ellipses... elsewhere please?
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  6. I agree with this. I personally program basically all day for the last few days and I'm having a lot of fun. Writing a functional (and complex) script bot feels like a real accomplishment.
  7. ahahaha im sorry! completely read your post wrong. I honestly have no idea what i was reading cause it couldn't of been your post for me to think that was off topic ahaha. my apologies

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