Resolved SDK Initialization Issue

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  1. Upon loading the client with the sdk flag, it fails to load OSRS



    Looks like an obfuscation error since it can't find a class.
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  2. Seems to be running fine my end


    Try deleting the cache file.
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  3. To be more specific go to the folder My Documents/RuneMate/ and delete the cache folder. If that does the trick we will implement a cache validation that should be a more permanent fix.
  4. That fixed it. As a ssuggestion you should Paint out the meshes when you select an object or NPC or whatnot.
  5. Like Arbiter said, delete the RuneMate cache. The problem is you closed it during the archive download process and now it has a corrupted archive cached. I'll fix it in the next version.
  6. Although I do plan on adding support for a canvas overlay in the future, it's not currently supported because the javafx preloader caused compatibility issues (JavaFX isn't fully supported by java 7, and because of that a preloader has to be used to place it on the classpath).

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