RS3 Selling 140M - 0.25$/M

Discussion in 'General Market' started by srpronto, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. Looking for gold after the ban wave?

    Looking to get something special for this christmas?

    You came to the right place.

    Im here to sell my 140M for 0.25$/M. Contact me through this thread.

  2. "Looking to get something special for this christmas" - I love it xD
    Yo if you keep till after christmas i'll buy some bro :D
  3. Sure. If i still have some i can sell for you :D
  4. Could I buy 100m through pp? I'm verified.
  5. Yes. We would use @EvilCabbage as MM, ok?
  6. Theres a ban wave? Can someone explain to me more and i am also interested in buying some gold.
  7. 2 weeks ago Runemate got detected by jagex leading to alot of accounts getting banned.
  8. I'm willing to go first. You seem trusted enough.
  9. Ok add me on skype: srpronto
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    Sold 100M for @Senpai. Not selling more unfortunately.
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    @Arbiter @Microsoft @EvilCabbage @Aidden

    I've sold 100M to @Senpai yesterday but he held the payment.
  10. Can another mod take care of this? I wont be home till late tonight.
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  11. @Senpai

    You have 48 hours to reply to this scam report.
    If you do not reply, your account will be suspended until you settled it with the seller.
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 13, 2015, Original Post Date: Dec 13, 2015 ---
    @srpronto Please provide evidence of the trade.
    We need some proof to ensure the person who held the money is indeed Senpai.
  12. I will buy the lot of what you have,

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