RS3 Selling 2000+ Main - All profit goes to RuneMate!!!

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Jesse, Dec 18, 2014.

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  1. That's right people you read that right. So let's get a good amount for this. ***NOTE This account has a fucking SIIIIIICK IGN message me for details of it. I have been offered $20 for the IGN alone***

    Skills :




    Ban Meter:

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  2. Very nice gesture! However in my opinion I think you should try other sites to sell your account, as runemates market section hasn't fully yet developed.
  3. I'll inject roids into it, that will make it grow! muhahaha
  4. Oh no! Please don't!
  5. The thing is if I put it on another forum, it won't get as much as we want, because most of those people probably have never heard of runemate, nor give a shit about it.
  6. But why even mention it? Sell the account take the money and invest it in runemate. gg gf
  7. Yeah but the people here know the money is going to Runemate not me, so someone her may fork out $80+ where on another forum people may put up a fuss paying $60+
  8. id love to buy this account but I'm worried you would recover it :/
  9. I'll give you my facebook. Phone number. Don't really give a shit, not going to but hey I'm just some guy on the internet.

  10. ahh i don't ill see i guess I'm really interested but its a bit risky :p
  11. Middle Man?!? Use @Arbiter the money is going to him anyway.........
  12. Nice account. Good luck at selling. :)
  13. so can i just pay arbi and if u recover the account like in a month he gives the money back :p
  14. I guess, I don't even know how to recover. I make accounts, put the bot on and get on with life. As a wise women once said Ain't nobody got time for that!

    Guess Defeat3d can vouch I'm a nice guy.
  15. how much u wanna see the acc for? idc about the name btw if u wanna sell it separately to someone else
  16. Message me for the Ign,

    Just start bidding, see how high we can get, all money is going to Runemate, see if we can get it $60+. Account is fully legit, hand crafted.
  17. "I make accounts, put the bot on and get on with life. As a wise women once said Ain't nobody got time for that!" is it bottled or hand crafted lol
  18. This account is old man.

    I have 2 jobs now, going on my third.

    I made that while I was still in school, just played in class.
  19. a
    ah i see messaged u btw
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