RS3 Selling account | Combat lvl 67 | Empty Bank | no bans/ mutes | Not botted!

Discussion in 'General Market' started by JamesM2010, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. I used to play old school back in the day. But then it updated to crappy RS3 (my opinion). So back to OS07 aha. Only thing is, I have an old runescape account that I don't want. Bank is empty except untradeables.

    Accepting minimum $70. Will work out payment site etc as I wont do just a paypal transfer.

    Message me for anymore details etc!


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  2. $70 is absolutely absurd to ask for that. That account is only worth $5-10 now
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  3. $70 dollars? What does that account have to be so worth?
  4. 70 bucks?, that is literally a days worth of botting lol.
  5. Unless the name of account isn't a 3 letter actual word, i'll pass. That account (stats) are worth 5 dollars, and no one wont still buy it..
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  6. 3 letter names are worthless now, most of them were re-released not too long ago so there are tons of them available only things that are really worth anything are common words, 1 letter names (all taken never will be available), 2 letter names, or names of a famous person or the rarest name, runescape.
  7. $70 for that?!?!?!?? LOL that is $2 max and we know that account was probably botted on. What you need to do is bot is a few 99s and then sell it.
  8. Even that is pointless, even my account i've fully botted on with 5 99's is probs only worth 30-40 dollars if that.
  9. it depends on the 99s if you have fire making, cooking, etc... it won't be worth much.
  10. str att def hp range
  11. It's worth more than 30-40$.

    Rc is the most valuable skill if you're looking to sell an account. And that's if you have at least 91+.
  12. I thought every noob had 99 rc these days?, i'm not sure what my account is worth i probably won't sell it as when pectre comes out i want to get as many 99's as i can before i get banned.
  13. Almost no one has 99 rc osrs.
  14. I'm playing rs3, osrs seems too time consuming for me atm lol and i have no idea if it's bottable or insta ban just now.
  15. Rs3 accounts ain't worth nothing lol. I'm one of those unlucky guys when it comes to osrs goldfarming. Instaban no matter what I do. Haven't tried runemate though... didn't have the bot I wanted.
  16. Request one? :)
  17. Goldfarming seems like more effort than it's worth, especially since the osrs gp prices kind of crashed.
  18. And reveal my method? Nah, bro.
    Rs3 goldfarming had been the easiest for me. You can go 5m+/h nowadays, and it doesn't take any effort to lvl up accounts 'cause em high exp rates.
  19. I meant a private bot request *hint* *hint* lol.
  20. Lol, if your method is so "super-secret" then obviously there won't be a public bot for it.

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